Doctor, my head hurts

Papitou takes a minute to ask the doctor a question. He would like to understand how to succeed in killing a pain. Read the following.

Papitou: Doctor, I feel pain.

Dr. Kelly: Where does it hurt?

Papitou: My head aches, the pain is more intense on my forehead, it knocks and it hurts a lot.

Dr. Kelly: ok, I will prescribe you a pill to calm this pain.

Papitou: What kind of pill is that? The pain is in my head. How then am I going to drink this for it to cure my headache, doctor?

Dr. Kelly: You will swallow it. Once it’s in your belly, it will be broken down inti small particles and go into the bloodstream. The blood will carry it to the brain to act on the place that is responsible for your pain


“Pain is felt when information is transmitted from the exposed area to the brain. The active ingredient in the painkiller intercepts this information thereby making the pain to subside.”