SmileDom Comfort

stay at home , we take care of you

A Customized Assistance 24/7

  1. Nutritional follow-up
  2. Sports coaching
  3. Psychological support
  4. Monthly home visit to monitor vital parameters (weight, height, blood pressure, glycemia, saturation,…)
  5. Medical intermediation in case of hospitalization.
  6. Access to the medical team by messaging
  7. Evaluation and referral in case of emergency
  8. Health check-up organized every 6 months (urine test, malaria, HIV, Typhoid)
The Elderly

You will benefit from the  above mentioned assistance.

In addition, we advise you on good personal hygiene. This is to avoid any inconvenience, to avoid  bedsores.

We also advise you  on a diet adapted to your needs and habits

Post partum

After childbirth, we provide you with specific support and follow-up in addition to the above mentioned assistance. To be more precise, we monitor the occurrence of danger signs like :

– Headache
– Vertigo
– blurred vision
– Bleeding
– …
We advise you on good personal hygiene and  diet follow-up.

Infant, toddler and teenager

Vital parameters have specific values with respect to age. We follow you up at every stage of your life.

– Follow-up of the growth curve.
– Monitoring of psychomotor development ( mimics, gestures,…)
– Diet follow-up
– Follow-up of vaccination programs
– Sexuality

Target and Price

for 01 person
9900 CFA
You can pay monthly
You can pay quarterly
You can pay yearly
For a family
40 000 CFA
Maximun 05 persons
You can pay monthly
You can pay quqrterly
You can pay yearly

The main thing is that the number does not exceed 05 people

yes ,You can subscribe for yourself and add your parents who are in the village in the same subscription. As long as the total number does not exceed 05.

The subscriber is the person who pays the product to SmileDom

The customer is the one who benefits from the product. The subscriber can pay for himself. In this case, he is the subscriber and the payer. The subscriber can also pay for his parents, acquaintances.

Yes, a company can offer SmileDom products to its employees. Our products can be used in addition or not to health insurance