Why smiledom ?

  1. Context

People’s respective activities leave them with less time to take care of themselves and maintain their health. Sedentary lifestyle, city life or, for those living in rural areas, advanced age are often the reasons given for not practicing sports. Illness is the main factor that cause many people to take a break. The illness is however under looked and many excuses come in place, like : I will wait for it to pass, we will wait a little, I will not go to the doctor just for a fever.

Disease often occurs as a result of organ malfunction, often related to exposure to pathogens.  One cannot always prevent such exposure, but can at least keep fit to allow the body react well when such conditions arise. By so doing, you reduce the intensity of certain symptoms and lessen the adverse effects of the disease.

In case the disease occurs, like the case of Covid 19 that beats even countries with the most advanced health care systems, containment has often been the only solution. This is proof that any system under stress ends up with too many flaws. There is no need to make a comparison with the Cameroon health care system.


  1. SmileDom, our approach

SmileDom’s approach is based on several axes. Several parameters contribute to our good health. We can mention here, apart from the person himself, physical activity, diet, the environment (family, professional), … Our objective is to do everything possible to keep you in good health as long as possible, within the comfort of your home. Some limitations of the health care system should therefore not have any impact on you. You don’t have to wait until you are sick to worry about your health. Health is maintained on a daily basis. We support you in your health journey. We help you cultivate your well-being.

  •  Personal follow-up

Our medical team records your medical history in a digital medical file. Then, establishes your personal profile: weight, height, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, glycemia,… We monitor your medical parameters at regular intervals. We make ourselves available to you at all times through videoconference. Many problems that are taken care of early often have solutions. We encourage you to contact us as often as possible rather than waiting and only get to us when you feel sick. It is better to bother the doctor than to have to undergo an emergency treatment.

  • Physical activity

Exercising must not always be a constraint. We adapt a program according to your profile, your habits and your environment. We follow your progress and regularly adapt your program if necessary.

  • Diet

Many illnesses have their origin in what we eat, how we eat, and when we eat. Eating is certainly a pleasure, but it can also contribute to different problems.

It is therefore important to accompany you so that the pleasure does not become a problem.

There is no miracle recipe and no formula that suits everyone. Each case is analyzed individually. Together, we establish a program, assess and adapt it.

  • The environment

Your family and professional environment can be a source of stress. We help you identify what can contribute to the degradation of your well-being. Trying to be happy is an obligation for yourself.

  • Psychological support

Any change is a journey that is rarely made without difficulties. You are the first person responsible for your success. No matter how much you pay, if you do not put in your best, the result will be difficult to achieve.

We are all human. In spite of our motivation and determination, there are moments of doubt, hesitation and questioning. We are here to listen to you. We accompany you, motivate you to follow the course consistently.


  1. Our target

Our products are meant for everyone, regardless of age or gender. Those who have a health insurance are as concerned as aby other individual. These insurances aim at covering the medical expenses following an illness. Meaning you must first take ill. SmileDom will help you to rarely fall ill. If, despite our joint efforts, an illness should occur, your health insurance will cover the hospitalization costs. Our solution is complementary, not competitive nor exclusive.


  1. SmileDom sarl

SmileDom is a Cameroonian company established in Douala. It was created to provide an appropriate solution to the problems mentioned above.

Once subscribed to the SMILEDOM service, a parameter taking and an interview allows to establish the state of your health. An accompaniment in terms of adequate advice and follow-up of their respect then makes it possible to ensure the wellbeing of the subscriber. This can include advice on nutrition, sports, etc.  

Having  already established your medical file (medical history, the history of your health condition…), SMILEDOM  follows you and regularly gives you some advice to improve your general health condition.

For parents who have children who attend school far away from home, it is often difficult to follow and know what is happening in case of illness of these children. SMILEDOM follows from beginning to end the care and informs the parents without them having to travel.

A patient might rightly or wrongly wonder about the motivations of the health care personnel. These reflections should not take place in such circumstances. SMILEDOM remains at your side to reassure you even in case of illness. You will not pay a franc more for this. We will help you to understand the approach of care proposed by the hospital environment.

After subscribing to one of our products, SMILEDOM thanks to its extensive network throughout the territory, will be able to contact your loved one and take care of him/her directly, while informing you afterwards about his/her health condition.