Bad breath

Junior is going through a tragedy. At his young age, he can no longer make friends. He isolates himself from others. His mouth odor is the problem. His mother managed book him a 3 minutes talk with Dr. Kelly
Dr. Kelly: Hi son, what’s your name? Junior: My name is Junior. Dr. Kelly: Nice to meet you Junior. How are you doing? Junior: Doctor, I’m fine. Mom told me to come see you. Doctor, I don’t have any friends left. My friends say my mouth smells bad and they don’t want to be around me anymore. Dr. Kelly: How long have they been saying that? Junior: Since school started. Doctor, what gives me this mouth odor? Dr. Kelly: ah, it means your mouth has been smelling for over 05 months. So I’m going to tell you some of the bad habits that can cause this bad smell. – You eat your meals very hot – You don’t brush your teeth regularly; you should normally brush your teeth in the morning, after breakfast and at night before going to bed – You eat too much candy and cookies. – You have an abscess either in your mouth or in your throat. Just to name a few. Junior: Thank you Doctor, I understand. I don’t brush every day and I suck too much candy. I’ll tell Mom what you just told me. She’s the one who always reminds me to brush. Goodbye Doctor. Dr. Kelly: Goodbye Junior.