Can we continue to go to school despite Covid 19?

Patrick, a form three student , has just been tested positive for COVID-19 and wonders if he will be able to attend school without interruption.
Patrick: Hello Doctor Dr. Kelly: Hi Patrick. Did you get your COVID test back? Patrick: Yes Dr., it’s positive. Doctor, I’m 3 weeks away from the BEPC and the classes are getting more and more intense. Can I take these classes without being kicked out of school? Dr. Kelly: Of course you can continue to attend classes without any problems. All you have to do is present this result to the school administration so that a bench can be reserved for you alone. You will also need to report your COVID positive status to your classmates and follow the barrier measures (wear a face mask, wash your hands regularly, respect social distancing). Be sure to take your medications at regular intervals, and always eat well before taking them. Patrick: Thank you Dr. I would do exactly what you said.